International Vibration Conference CVI2017


Even under normal conditions facility operation, involves equipment aging and subsequently incidents or accidents. To maintain the facility well operated, it is necessary to ensure the proper exploitation. Equipment supervision reduces preventative maintenance in addition to unforeseen risks. Furthermore, maintenance cost can be reduced, apart from that, equipment supervision costs are limited. Integrating into the maintenance policy it ensures the major prevention risk of the early anomalies detection as well as the analysis of incidents.


Machine operation gives rise to junk efforts such as unbalancing, turbulence, shocks, instability..., that often provide subsequent failures. In addition, it produces vibrations, which damage structures and machinery components. Vibration analysis allows identifying such efforts as soon as they appear, to deduce the origin and estimate the risk of failure before it caused irreversible damage. The system supervision contributes to limit the preventive maintenance. In the context vibration analysis, oil analysis and thermography represent a detecting tool and diagnostic facilitator of the functional defects.

The objectives of this meeting are the following:

  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and industrial experiences of various users, providers, researchers, manufacturers, and anybody interested in the field.
  • Putting on the latest modeling techniques of rotating machines.
  • Presenting case studies on particular industrial machines susceptible to vibratory alterations of their components: grinders, turbine, pumping groups, engines, centrifuges,…
  • Allowing a better design mastery and use of rotating machines.


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15 May 2017

25 May 2017

30 June 2017

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01 July 2017

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01 September 2017

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